Pinsa Diary is a blog run by someone with a wide range of interests ranging from design, music, technology to online ventures. I started this blog as a one-stop resource for people learning to sell stuff online, but through the months, the site has evolved to all facets of online money making, ranging from dropshipping, sourcing for wholesale products, affiliate marketing, and blogging. Browse around and you might find something that can help you! Enjoy!

Why sell stuff online?

Online shopping is becoming more and more common. With today’s hectic schedules, people need to find a way to obtain goods and services in the most convenient way, and online is the way to go. Selling on the Internet is also a very viable option to earning extra income because of the relatively lost costs and the wide audience you can reach (if done correctly). The possiblities are endless!

What you need to start making money selling stuff online

1. Deciding what to sell (which products can make you money?)
2. Finding a supplier (where can I can these products?)
3. Marketing your product (finding people to buy your products)

Various existing resources available elsewhere will be referenced as well. If you have any useful advice to share with all visitors of the site, please do not hesitate to leave a comment so that I can add content to this site!

Affiliate Marketing

Lately I’ve been experimenting with affiliate marketing, so occasionally you would find posts on this topic. This may not be entirely in line with what I originally wanted this website to be about, but in a sense.. it still is about selling stuff online, except these are about selling other people’s products (usually digital). So, on and off, you would find posts about affiliate marketing. I do not profess to be an affiliate marketing guru because I am not one. I am still learning (always am), but hopefully those who are more clueless than me will find the information I have useful.

All the best!