September 26, 2010

Tongkat Ali Potent LJ100

The size of your penis does matter when it comes to satisfying your partner. And if you envy every Tom, Dick and Harry for their larger tools, you must have given a thought on using the penis enlargement pills that claim to work like magic on your 'wand'. But are you sure they work as well as they claim? They do, but only if you know how and what to use. The ever growing market of male enhancement products such as pills, pumps and extenders and natural supplements has grabbed the attention of many like you who want to grow in the middle. Unfortunately, there are too many myths working against penis enlargement pills, and most of us are still gullible to them. These myths prevent people from trying the pills that are otherwise safe and effective. So you need to have a clear idea about what the myths are and what the reality is.

Myth 1: A pill cannot possibly enlarge the penis.
This myth has some semblance of truth in it. It's better to say that a good pill is more of an enhancer than an enlarger, for it helps increasing blood flow into the penis during sexual activities, causing it to become firm. As far as penis enlargement is concerned, certain penile exercises along with regular usage of pills may give you a longer and wider penis, much to the happiness of your partner.

Myth 2: Penis enlargement pills are just filter and do not bring any results
To counter this myth, you are advised to check carefully the ingredients of the pill concerned. Mostly, natural herbs can trusted as quality ingredients for manufacturing penis enlargement pills. Pills with Ephedra or Yohimbine as ingredients should be avoided as those ingredients may pose severe threats to the heart. Pills made of ginkgo biloba and hawthorn berry are also safe to use.

Myth 3: Penis enlargement pills have bad side effects
Using pills containing aphrodisiacs or other elements that are not approved by the FDA will give you potentially dangerous side effects such as heart complications or stomach problems. On the other hand, if you use only natural products that are tested and given clearance for safety by the apex US body, you are more out of harm's way. But it is strongly recommended that you do your bit of research before trying any pill, no matter what it tells you.

Myth 4: Penis enlargement pills all claim unrealistic overnight success
Claiming that a male enhancement pill can turn Mr. Joe to Mr. Dick in matter of hours makes no sense at all. It normally takes 12 weeks for an authentic penis enlargement pill to work effectively. Regular exercise of the penis is also required to maximize the effectiveness of pills.

Your penis is what you are born with, just like your limbs or other organs. So don't judge its size when you are not aroused. It's been seen that a man with an incredibly smaller flaccid penis can get a huge erection when sexually stimulated. Similarly, a large flaccid penis may not become any larger when erect. So don't subject yourself to unnecessary psychological pressures by feeling too small or ashamed of your penis size. Even if it's small, it can be enlarged through proper exercises and treatments.

By: Jessica Knowles

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