February 19, 2011

Karwa begin tomorrow, the application of the smart card to ride the bus

Karwa begin tomorrow, the application of the smart card to ride the busDoha - Sidi Mohamed
Karwa Transportation announced for the end of the system to handle cash in the bus services, and the validity of the work card «Karwa» Smart as of Sunday. And must therefore all users of mass transit buses to get new smart cards Karwa, because it will not be selling the tickets printed, and will not be accepted as of the date specified.
There is growing demand for customer cards Karwa smart since its launch in the twenty-fourth of last November, steadily, and is characterized by smart cards, the new style is easy, and quick to deal with, as it is less expensive than the rate constant cash, through the adoption of a registration system for instant riding the bus and the moment of departure.
And exposure Karwa smart cards at $ 30 rials to the card, 20 of which SAR can be used immediately; while still remaining ten riyals to reach cumulative value of the card to charge $ 300, and then be returned automatically.
And Karwa smart cards are available and the possibility of re-shipped at a bus station Karwa team Ghanim.
Some who spoke to us through a field visit to the main bus station in Al-Ghanim, said the media campaign that accompanied the issuance of smart cards were not at the required level, many of those we met did not know the history of the smart card deal, but some of them are not heard at all.
While others said that this new system very convenient for those traveling in buses frequently per day, or more than once per day, while riding a bus from time to time and intermittently preferred the old system and pay cash.

I did not hear Basmart Card!
Mohamed Ibrahim - who was waiting for the bus heading to his area Residential - told us that he had not heard of the new smart cards, and was thinking that does not differ from that of the old cards that were sold by the company for those who wish to, but not mandatory.
Mohammed says: «I use the bus every now and then, and not a continuous or daily basis, I have not heard from before the existence of a new card is mandatory for those who wish the independence of the bus, I know the card you were dealt with long ago, a card is optional use by those who wish to , because it is cheaper and more abundant than cash ».
He said that Mohammed ad campaign that accompanied the issuance of such cards were not widespread, because many of the passengers did not know so far and, therefore, Valqsour inevitably caused by the method of advertising for this new service, which will be the only way to use the buses a day after next Sunday, says Mohammed.
Meanwhile, Mohamed extend the deal to get used to the regular people to handle the new smart cards, and gradually spread among the passengers.

Did not buy it yet
In turn, "said Mahmoud Al-Ahmad that he had learned the subject of the smart card, but he did not Iqtnea after, citing the popularity heavily on the only office in the main station area Ghanim.
And Ahmad said: «I learned long ago the subject of smart cards, new, and what the advantages to the bearer, and I heard from one of my friends that this card offers more than cash than normal, because they are counted only the number of miles traveled, unlike tariff fixed, but I did not buy it yet for two reasons: First, I often come in late for the station, and in the few times that I go to the Office of the sale of cards I find it very busy, and thus postpone the matter to be less than the number of those willing to get this card, I'm afraid to come on Sunday and I did not buy it after ».
Ahmad and demanded the need to allocate more space for the reception wanting to buy smart cards, noting that the only corner of the ad hoc registration is located in the main station for buses do not have room only for a limited number of people.

More tracks
Faisal Mahmoud said he bought the card two days ago, and he already felt the difference after that began to take them, as they are cheaper than in economic terms, and faster as well as in practice, because the deal is today between the passenger and the machine is no longer too late, as in the past, because of driver delays in the collection of tickets.
And Abizaid Faisal: «the smart card is an excellent and very practical, since I bought it no longer, for example in need to take money with me, and made it easier for a lot how to deal with buses, where I can ride from anywhere to any station at any time, in addition to the smooth handling and speed, In the past, the driver was the poor suffer because the driver at the same time collector, thus delaying the process of passenger buses and out of the lot, and leads to delays for passengers to reach their workplace or residence ».
However, Faisal demanded that the company is concerned over increasing the number of buses, especially in some of the tracks, which suffer from overcrowding, a large passenger, path Industrial Zone, Amsiaid and Al Khor, which is experiencing these lines phenomenal is not commensurate with the deadlines set by the Company for the start of the buses to these destinations.

Be smart!
Prime poodle was very happy after that happened on the smart card Finally, when we've asked him about the secret of happiness desert on his face, he stood in the queue since an hour and a half, and almost late for the bus, which are independent to the city of Al Khor, but he finally got on «Smart Card ».
And adds a poodle: «the smart card will give me distances more cheaply, and I will be able through which to provide the amount of my salary sum, add to this that I I will treat the card, not cash, in some cases, spend all that I had from SAR, and when out of the station I find the pocket empty, which leads me for the use of a peer to take buy my ticket, I'm not good at handling cash from an early age, and therefore I think that this card will provide a great service to me ».
Poudel said that he heard the subject of the smart card from a fellow insiders, advise them where the need to acquire before next Sunday, because it is starting on February 21 will not be processed unless the card alone.

Many advantages
Mohamed Khalaf explained the advantages of the new card, which said that the card holders Karwa smart enjoy the advantage of paying for the distance that has been made only; through the use of a registration system for instant riding the bus and the moment of departure, and the passenger only labeling on the device custom before leaving for the bus directly to be calculate the value based on the actual distance that has been made, making each trip a means to provide through the use of Karwa buses.
Khalaf said: «the former regime were fixed tariff of $ 3 riyals per trip, whether the trip until the end of the path or for only a short distance. I remember that I advise the passenger that without the card on the device when you leave the bus for a moment to leave the bus will not be possible for the system calculate the value based on the actual distance that has been made ».
Rajiv one responsible for the registration and sale of smart card station Al-Ghanim, said that the system of payment in cash is no longer used in most developed countries, and buses and trains in the world use the smart card or monthly subscription, where the States and developed cities all over the world use this system of payment-free of cash transactions using plastic card equipped with thin slices of the read and write data in a timely manner ».
And whether the passenger can not board a bus carrying a card in the future, "said Rajiv:« can still customers of bus users without a smart card Karwa buses that do not carry the payment of fees for the card, and $ 10 riyals per trip ».
Karwa The company announced that the use of the smart card value is calculated accurately from the station to another; a minimum of two riyals worth of fare, and a maximum at the stations that have been made during the voyage ».
The company confirmed the provision of print advertisements in bus stations, and inside all buses, newspapers, and business partners, in order to further definition of the public end of the system to handle cash.


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