March 2, 2011

The Best Home Curve Treadmills for Runners?

The Best Home Curve Treadmills for Runners?Before you buy a curve treadmill for running, make sure you check the details of the treadmill.

Basically, there are three important things about curve treadmills: Electronic, body and Extras.

Regarding the electronical devices of the treadmill, you need to check the motor and control console.

You also need to pay attention to deck, frame and rollers of the body.

In addition, the incline, the safety key and the emergency off buttons, warranty, and heart monitors are also important.

Don’t buy the treadmills if:
  • The motor is not quiet and smooth while running at your top speed
  • The motor is not quiet and smooth when walking very slowly
  • The belt does not move smoothly at all speeds or it skips, slips, or slides off the center of the treadmill
  • The belt and/or deck do not accommodate your size or stride (both running and walking)comfortably
  • Tt does not feel stable, including when inclined
  • The controls are not easy-to-use while running.
According to Treadmill Doctor, the best home curve treadmills for runners are Woodway Curve. It has rated the Woodway Curve treadmills a 10 out of 10 in the following categories: walking area, cushioning, reliability, and noise level.

According to Woodway Curve treadmill “boasts the patented Woodway belt, a slatted system that reduces impact on joints, but unlike other Woodway treadmills, the Curve is a non-motorized variety, powered completely by the runner himself. The curved design enables the runner to run at an ergonomically correct angle, and because the speed is controlled solely by the runner himself, there is no maximum or minimum speed, allowing for specialized over-speed training.”



  1. Thanks for the tip in buying a good treadmill. That treadmill is a good example.

  2. The curved design causes the runner to run at an adjusted ergonomically correct posture and this encourages the runner to stay off their heels so they can use their forefoot to push the belt back better.

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