February 3, 2011

Insurance Companies In Indonesia

Though a variety of insurance products are available in the country, still the social health insurance plays a significant role in the insurance industry.

The Directorate of Insurance, Ministry of Finance has been acting as the regulatory body in Indonesia Insurance.

Insurance Companies In Indonesia

Leading insurance companies in Indonesia on the basis of their gross written premiums are as follows:

Life Insurance Companies:

Major life insurance companies in Indonesia are as follows:

* AIG Lippo Life Insurance
* Prudential Life Insurance
* AIA Indonesia Insurance
* Manulife Indonesia Insurance
* Panin Life Insurance
* Jiwa Sequis Life Insurance
* Central Asia Raya Insurance

Non-Life Insurance Companies:

Major Non-Life Insurance Companies In Indonesia is as follows:

* Sinar Mas Insurance
* Tugu Pratama Insurance
* Astra Buana Insurance
* Central Insurance
* Allianz Insurance
* AIU Indonesia Insurance


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