March 7, 2011

Understand the Boiler Insurance Policy

Understand the Boiler Insurance PolicyDespite being a popular means of heating homes n the UK, boilers are often not covered by a typical home insurance policy. Costs associated with completely replacing or even repairing can become very steep, which is why investing in boiler insurance can be very beneficial in the long-term.

Before delving into the various types of boiler insurance, one needs to know exactly what boiler insurance is. A boiler insurance policy covers exactly what one would expect: the repair or replacement of a boiler. However, this specific type of policy may also cover a central heating system and it's multitude of parts.

Boiler insurance isn't for everyone. More specifically, boiler insurance is primarily for homeowners. If a person doesn't own the property, he or she isn't liable for fixing a boiler. Thus, if a person is renting, boiler insurance shouldn't be a concern.

Once interested in a policy, one should choose a policy that best fits one's needs. Policies can be broken down into three categories:

1. Boiler-only
As the most basic, boiler-only policies are routinely the cheapest when compared to other policy variants. Boiler-only policies cover very little and are often limited to fixing only the boiler and in some cases the heating controls.
2. Boiler & Service
Routinely servicing a boiler can help prolong its life. However, many homeowners don't have their boilers serviced annually. This policy covers both the boiler and servicing.
3. Complete Heating System

As the most extensive coverage, complete heating system policies are the most expensive of the three options. This policy covers typically anything associated with the heating system. From the boiler all the way to the heating system's pipes, a homeowner can feel confident in the policy's coverage. Because the costs related to this form of policy are the highest, a homeowner must make the decision if he or she feels the additional coverage is worth the rise in price.

After deciding which of the three policies is best, a homeowner needs to find a company who offers such insurance. In the UK, a few of the popular policy providers include British Gas, Direct Line, and E.ON. Even if a homeowner isn't a current customer of one of these providers, he or she need not worry. Many companies will allow a person to take out a policy, regardless of whether he or she is a current customer. Learn about the policy from OnePath Life. Also make sure to visit Buy AMP Life Insurance.

Boiler insurance does come with its reservations. Many companies require a waiting period before a customer can make a claim. The waiting period is typically less than two months, and companies use this clause as a way of preventing customers from signing up purely to avoid the costs of hiring an engineer to fix an already broken boiler.

Also, a policy may limit the frequency a customer may make claims, as well as placing a cap on the amount of repair costs. A company wants to make sure customers aren't constantly calling an engineer out to fix a boiler that isn't an emergency.
One last tip: before agreeing to a policy, thoroughly read through its terms.


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  4. Boiler insurance does come with its reservations. Many companies require a waiting period before a customer can make a claim. If we have the insurance of boiler repair then we are safe from any kind of disturbance of boiler.


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