June 26, 2012

Tips to Reduce Mom Stress

The phenomenon of single parents (single parents) is not unusual these days. One of the toughest challenges of single parenthood is a double burden to bear, so they are vulnerable to stress.

Spend more time playing with children can be therapeutic to relieve stress. In addition to positive impact on children, single mothers or single fathers can feel the long term health effects of such activities.

It is important when single parents are feeling overwhelmed and stressed is the time to play with her ​​baby.

Many activities can be done together, starting with her favorite movies on tv, playing, reading books, or even shop together if the child is old enough.

Berryhill and his team conducted a survey to the 2370 single mom. They conducted interviews about stress and the nature of the child's parents when they were a year old, three and five years.

Disposition or temperament of the child is an important factor in maternal stress faced by children as more difficult, the higher the mother's stress level. Unruly children also make fewer single parents involve him playing.

Berryhill survey results showed that single mothers spend more time with their children aged one year will mostly be along with their children when they were five years old.

Being a single mom and parenting in general are very exhausting. Spending time with children can reduce the stress of a person would feel in his role as a mother she had done in a balanced way.


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